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Established in 2012, the Thunderbird Marching Band is a family. Through hard work and dedication, we have rightfully earned our reputation as a passionate group of cheerful musicians who spread school spirit around the campus and the community. Comprised of talented musicians of different backgrounds, the true colours of our collaborative efforts shine through with each and every performance. The members of the Thunderbird Marching Band share a special bond with each other and with the community.

About Us

The People Behind the Scenes

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About me: As president, I help plan and run the band's activities, including rehearsals, games, and events! I play bass clarinet and soprano sax in TMB. I am a fourth year History student, and this is my third year with the band!

Why I love TMB: I love getting to make music with my friends, and getting the crowd excited at sports games!


About me: I act as the leader of the marching band in practice and in performances. I lead practice, direct the band, and choose what pieces of music we will be playing. I play both the trombone, and my very own conductor hands! I am a second year music student, and this is my second year with the band.

A fun fact: ​I have been a performer in the Calgary Round-Up Marching Band and in the Calgary Stetson Show Band, so I can guarantee the band is in safe hands! 

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Samantha Chan (She/Her) - QUARTERMASTER

About me: I handle the instruments and band uniforms. I ensure that the instruments are in good condition, and that each member (new or old!) has a well-fitted uniform. I am a trumpet player, and a second year student. This will be my second year with the band.

Why I love TMB: I look forward to playing at games with everyone!! It's fun to bond over sitting at the stands together.

Insider info: I have two turtles back at home and they're very dumb. I love them.


About me: I take meeting minutes, and send out weekly newsletters. In TMB, I play tenor saxophone, but I also like to play piano, ukulele, and sometimes recorder! I am a fourth year student, and this is my third year with the band.

Why I love TMB: This club attracts some of the most kind-hearted people I've met.

Add these to your playlist: Watermelon Man (1962) by Herbie Hancock, and anything by Stray Kids or Whitney Houston

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Nadia Scurfield (She/Her) - PUBLICITY OFFICER

About me: As the publicity officer, it is my job to get the word out there! I manage our social media accounts, as well as gig requests! I am a second year neuroscience student, and this is my second year playing saxophone for the band

Why I love TMB: My favourite thing about TMB is the sense of community. It sounds cheesy, but I left my first practise feeling like I was leaving a new home! I'm excited to make new connections!



About me: I print music and make sure existing music is prim and proper. This will be my second year playing trumpet with the band, and I am a second year UBC student!

Why I love TMB: I love the community and non-academic outlet while still being on campus

Fast Facts: I’m a wildfire fighter and am more approachable than I seem (?)

IMG_0981 - Koen Vogt.jpeg
Jess TMB Exec Photo - Jess Tse.jpg


About me: I help with budgeting, working with event coordinators and with the AMS and Athletics! This is my second year playing bass drum with the band, and my second year at UBC. 

Why I love TMB: I really enjoy the vibes of our club, a welcoming and inclusive space to be around and to learn new things! I look forward to it weekly and have loads of fun at the games and events we attend!

Fun Facts: I'm from Hong Kong, and I joined the band with zero previous experience! (And you can too!)


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