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Established in 2012, the Thunderbird Marching Band is a family. Through hard work and dedication, we have rightfully earned our reputation as a passionate group of cheerful musicians who spread school spirit around the campus and the community. Comprised of talented musicians of different backgrounds, the true colours of our collaborative efforts shine through with each and every performance. The members of the Thunderbird Marching Band share a special bond with each other and with the community.


UBC has announced that classes will be online for the 2020/2021 Winter Session. In addition, UBC sports games, which we usually perform at, have been cancelled.


While this means that the band experience this year will be very different from previous years, this does not mean that we can't continue with band activities in a different way. We are having biweekly online musical challenges, workshops and social events.


We also have biweekly rehearsals that are either online or outdoors and socially-distanced, depending on the current regional restrictions.


If you are looking for a musical community, whether you are in Vancouver or not, we are here for you.

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Read our safety protocols here, which are constantly changing according to advice from local health authorities.



The People Behind the Scenes


Luis is a fourth year Science student. He has played many instruments including the Alto Saxophone, Bassoon, Piano, and Bass. He really enjoys playing the Alto Saxophone in TMB and is looking forward to seeing the band grow and evolve in the coming year. His favourite part about band is the amazing community of people that are involved in playing and running it. He hopes to help the band grow and get the band up and running in a live and in person environment in this coming season.


Kieran is a music at Capilano Jazz.


Yash is a second-year Business student, hoping to double major in Computer Science. He has been playing the drums since 2014 and has a lot of experience in organising concerts and in composing compositions.


Ethan is a third-year Science student who has experience playing a variety of instruments, from trombone to clarinet. He plays tenor saxophone for the TMB. After an amazing two years in the band, he is excited to start his third year as quartermaster. He looks forward to welcoming new members to the TMB family.


Sheena is a 4th-year Manufacturing Engineering student and has been playing Alto Saxophone in the band for three years. She enjoys playing at UBC Thunderbirds events and has had a lot of fun together with the other band members. In the following year, she looks forward to meeting new members and sharing the excitement and passion about music.


Kiri is a second year history major.


Hi, I edit the website. :)





Potential members

How do I join?

Go to this page where you can fill out an interest form and join our Facebook group.

How do auditions work?

We welcome new members of all skill levels, so we do not require an audition. However, an exec will reach out to you and arrange a video chat to get to know you.

When are rehearsals?

Under normal circumstances, rehearsals are held on Tuesday or Thursday nights during the academic school year, for 2 hours.

When are you recruiting new members?

You can join us at any time! New members are always welcomed to drop by at rehearsals or socials. See this page for our events schedule.

What is the commitment required?

When fall classes are in session (September - April), we hold 2 hour weekly rehearsals and we perform at one gig per week which varies in duration. We typically do not have rehearsals or gigs during the exam period. We understand if you need to miss rehearsals or gigs here and there, and we know that our members are students first.

Do I need my own instrument?

If you own an instrument, bring it with you if possible. If not, we have some band-owned instruments available for loan. Contact us to see if your preferred instrument is available! Otherwise, we can help you find local music stores to rent or buy from. For percussionists, we have snares, tenors, cymbals, and one set of quints available to use.

Do you wear uniforms to gigs?

We wear our formal uniforms to important gigs when requested. When weather conditions are unfavourable or for more casual gigs, we wear band jackets.

Do I need to play an instrument to join?

Believe it or not, you don't need to play an instrument to join our family! The Thunderbird Marching Band is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers, especially photographers and people to help with event set-up and equipment transportation. We are also open to people interested in forming a colour guard. To volunteer your time or apply for a photographer position, please contact us.

Can I store my instrument somewhere while I'm in class?

We have an office in the Nest where you can keep your instrument if you don't want to carry it around all day. Coordinate with an exec who can unlock it for you.

What kind of music do you play?

Our music library contains arrangements by our members of songs such as Can't Hold Us, The Middle, Starboy, Born to Run, and Take on Me. We also have short cheers, drum cadences, and school fight songs. Contact us for a full list of our songs.

Do you have to be a UBC student to join?

No. The majority of our ensemble are UBC students, however, community members are welcome to join.

Is there a fee to join?

As we are an AMS club, we are required to charge a membership fee. For the low price of $15*, you get one year of rehearsals, performance opportunities, and a great group of friends. We currently do not charge members for use of uniforms or instruments. If our membership fee is a financial hurdle for you at the moment, contact us and we can work something out. *Membership fee may vary from year to year

How can I become a drum major or executive team member?

Members who are UBC students can run for executive positions, including that of drum major, during annual elections in March. Executives gain excellent leadership experience and take on the responsibility of shaping the future of the Thunderbird Marching Band. For more information about what the executive team does, ask the current execs!

Gig requests

What is your booking process?

Contact us



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